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 Gav Wilson

Knights v Toulouse

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Solid performance today,especially in the 2nd half.Toulouse showed they are a good team,always looking to offload and the backing up was superb.Do'nt know what G.T.said at half time but the team seemed to up a gear.Brinning and Pickles had great games and these two youngsters surely have great futures in the game. Fordy had his best game for a while.Tom Carr was M.O.M. for me today.Hope the injured players are fit for the Hunslet game next week,lets get this away win hoodoo out of the way.

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Cracking game, full credit to the boys for hanging in with players dropping like flies

Thought we deserved the win for a gritty performance, not as slick and polished as we have seen but it was a team effort full of guts and never say die attitude, with the lads turning up time and time again to put their bodies on the line against a decent side.

Some great performances, Tom Carr, Young Dent on the wing, Pickles and Lyons running strong and working hard in "D" with Ed Smith again massive, the kid just gets better week on week.

Great to see Potter making some big drives second half and really getting us on the front foot backed up well by Bell, who's another one that is flourishing with game time but my mom today was Fordy. Thought he led by example today when we need him to show the young bucks what was required and he put in a real captains knock.

Fingers crossed Jack Lee and Brown are fine for the Hawks game next Sunday as they are both vital and playing superbly well at this moment in time.

Word on Toulouse......thought there 6,7 and 8 were fantastic, there 8 was a man mountain and didn't half do some damage with ball in hand, can you imagine him and Nicko in the same line up !!! get the lad signed up....well I can dream.

Cheers and well done Boys, lets hope for a decent draw, I fancy Hull at home, but just nice been in the draw.

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Agree with all of that, happy to see Brinning & Smith getting the praise they deserve, both

brilliant yesterday, Potter is getting better each game, Fordy really led from the front yesterday.


Downside - Browny could be out for 2 - 3 weeks, Lee, Sully, Dent, Lyons, Freer all picked

up injuries yesterday.


Agree with Spanish Knight, Worky at home would do me & sneak through.


Think the Press article said we would have got £5,000 Sponsers money if we lost yesterday,

£10,000 if we lose in the 5th round, so if we got to losing money in the 6th round, assume it

would mean some serious money for the club.

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Was always going to be a tough game, thought Toulouse were a very solid side with some nice plays, No.8 was immense and all their forwards were trying to get the ball away in the tackle. Can easily see how they stuffed Swinton. I thought their heads would drop when we went 8pts up, how wrong and what a great coaches decision by GT to take the 2pts from Tom Carrs long range penalty. It's another win and the fickle York fans now need to get back behind the team, only 400ish there today in the heady days that would have been 1500, there were two lads stood near me today that haven't been for over 2years and a new Knights fan Dave who's just moved from Hull so there's 3 'new' faces, we are winning games that in previous seasons we wouldn't have and I put that down to coaching and team spirit, it's there for all to see at the end when GT joins the players.

Apart from MOM, Loads of strong performers today I'll pick the three that caught my eye, Fordy was a right handful, Ed Smith heart and strength of a Lion and kris Brining probably the reason Jack Lee is playing so well(competition for No.9). Think at times we missed Jack Aldous in defence as he's like a terrier.

Anyhow let's hope the knocks from today's game aren't too bad and pray for a really strong draw in next round( not the Giants please)

Steve56 have you reserved Lionel's seat for the next home game, says he likes sitting with you !

SpanishK says Worky ? For me a big name at home, get a payday and then focus on the league, anyone else ?

Well done the Knights, roll on next week now, about due we gave the Hawks a tonking but will we ?

Great result yesterday as they are a fairly decent side.

Yes Andy i have reserved  a seat for Lionel,only thing is it's aboard a jumbo jet on a one way trip to Timbuktoo!!!!!

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