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Hock and Mossop to the Eels

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Oh, how the worm has turned.


A couple of years of economic upside, and now the Aussies are willing to chuck their RL principles down the nearest dunny.


Australians have been slagging off British RL for decades for attempting to poach their best players, and now the exchange rate has finally gone in your favour, you do exactly the same.


Not like the Aussies to be contrary, is it?


What's the betting that the next time Australia lose a test match, the over abundance of British players in the NRL gets the blame?

Just looking back at this, is that what the Aussies said when the Kiwis won the World Cup? even though a fair percentage of the team was born in Australia and all bar a couple of players plied their trade in the NRL?

If they did I do not recall it that way.

I for one did not enjoy losing who does, but I realise it was good for the game in general

And as much as I would hate to see a loss by Australia to England in this years World Cup a big part of me hopes that happens as it is what the game needs right now.

But not a one off, it needs to be regularly a "Test".

We will see.

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