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l'angelo mysterioso

for al the frustrated guitarists out there. I feel yours an this guy's pain

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I was recently in Hospital recently, and one of the guys in there had a guitar, and I was just strumming the strings (with his permission of course, as some Muso's can get very protective of their instruments), and found it very calming, he then started to teach me some chords, which I found very enjoyable if painful on the fingers, and it has encouraged me to possibly search out a guitar school in Hastings and get some proper lessons, maybe even for my 4yo too.

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it really dos get like this sometimes.

Funny vid. Very similar to one that another handsome poster posted on the link thread several months ago ;)

Learning and playing guitar is one of the most therapeutic experiences. You have those days when you can't play a simple riff and then you have those days when without thinking you are note perfect. I find that the more relaxed you are the better you play. Trying to improve my travis picking at the moment. Fancy getting into a bit of folk/country.

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