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James mendeika

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In my opinion there are certain fundamental things that can make Swinton Lions a worthwhile entity to support. These are the things that have inspired my support of the club for many years, plus many hours of campaigning on the topic of "back to Swinton". If certain things are respected and done right the club still has the potential to make a positive impact on things I care about - like civic pride in the town and opportunities for young people from the town. Thats why these things matter on a personal level.

To me its tragic that the regime presently in charge is not more committed to those things and is focussed instead on minimising costs, to the extent that the identity of the club is being undermined and traded off. You reach a point where its better they be replaced, or at least must take a major change in direction.

There have to be somethings that make Swinton Lions unique, things that need to be cherished and define the very reasons why the club bears the name of the town despite not having played there for over 20 years. I don't want to support an agenda that trashes those things. Being asked to watch 8, or 9 or 10 Warrington reserve players running out in Swinton shirts is a disgrace. It belittles the history and past achievements of the club. It belittles the identity of the club. It shows the people at the top who are doing this to the club have lost sight of the things that ought to matter. They are not being clever by finding a way around the RFL's loophole ridden rules, what they are doing is exposing their own lack of morals and inability to develop the club in its own right.

So is that a yes or a no then Mr Blair?

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Gosh i do miss having a game this weekend. I have had to sit here and read this ###### !


Roll on Barrow !

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Again being the operative word

Play stop rewind play stop rewind play stop rewind play


This has to stop. Its ridiculous


I agree mark zzzzzzzzzzzz, plus come on phil name the ten warrington players. Ps i think phil h's remote batteries have run out as he seems to be stuck in one mode.

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