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Bars for this Sunday

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Hi all, can I just remind you that Sue will be opening Studds bar this Sunday at 1pm. It is open to both sets of fans so please go along and enjoy a pint or two before the game.

I am not sure if the Ratcliff is open for this game but a couple of reasons to go into Studds and not there are,that since the Ratcliff is now owned by the Football Club all monies taken goes to them and not a penny to the stadium.

Plus the beer is a lot cheaper in Studds

See you all in there Sunday

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And just what is that supposed to mean?. I can just imagine if the boot was on the other foot what the football clubs reaction would be. Lets remember the Stadium is joint owned. But seeing as the Ratcliff belongs solely to the football what good is it going to do to the Stadium having everyone going in there.

No it's a case of all football club and ###### to the rest

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