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Is this satisfactory?

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The RFL received from Sport England, £17m for the development of the sport and to increase participation.


Of this, £4m was dedicated to elite performance.


So please someone tell me, how does the RFL justify sweeping funding cuts that has seen the axing of almost the entire RFL development team of close to 100 and the cease in funding for a further 100+ external development staff nationally?


£13m to develop the sport and increase participation at grassroots level and not more than 10 RFL funded development staff members across the country by the end of 2013.


I have heard RFL excuses that this is the result from the cuts in Sport England funding where the RFL received £30m last time round. "This is Sport England's fault".


No it isn't. If an NGB solely relies on external agency funding for the development of its sport then this is the fault of the NGB.


I think the RFL get a bit of unfair treatment in some areas but this is deplorable.


If you also find this unsatisfactory, with the future of our sport at stake, can you tell me how we can have our opinions recognised?

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the funding was announced in 2012. It is now almost May and the RFL haven't made any announcement so expect to hear soon.......


.....actually, I mean don't expect to hear anything soon

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