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Death to the Rah Rah's


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Wellsy - A 5m rule was a Rugby League rule for many years, so to say it wouldnt be rugby league any more is wrong.

So if you brought mob rules back to football, would it still be the same game?

The sport is defined by the laws of the game. If you change the laws, then you're playing a modified sport. It wouldn't be rugby league, it would be modified rugby league. Regardless of whether they did it when you were growing up or not, if you change the laws for certain games it's not the same game.

The Aussies pushed successfully to extend it to 10m as a knee jerk reaction to enhance the attack their own game (rather than trialling out other alternatives for several years). Unfortunately this single rule change has led to wider score margins, more predictable game, and less shocks. The game has more fitness emphasis on the bonkers running back and forward by 10m rather than flair and core rugby skills of running passing and tackling.

You playing that broken record again?

How many draws this season? How big has the winning margins been this week?

Personally I despise the 10m rule and would drop it overnight.

I think we all know that by now!

The aim should be to have close scores far more than allowing the attack to have far too much room

So we'll just get really low scores with next to no attack and end up like union where we're kicking for goal all the time? I think too many of our teams struggle to put together a decent attack with the 10m rule as it is!

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With regards the London game. It's been an ongoing theme that I've been to many a London ground but strangely not Stoop. Last year plans were in place but they moved it to Leyton! I couldn't get to the first game due to it being on Friday. So was delighted that when we drew them in the cup and thought it was a Sunday. I have had to rearrange a whole weeks plans to try and get to the game, but really why a Friday?

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