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The construction work on the new Eastern Terrace at the Tetley’s Stadium is now moving on at a great pace and is expected to be finished by the beginning of June. Bad weather delayed the start of the building work but project leader Graham Beaumont, who is a lifelong Rams supporter, explained how things are now running smoothly following many delays and changes to the initial plan.


“Everything is going very well now,” he said. “Obviously there was a delay in starting because of the couple of week’s bad weather but we got started straight after that and now everything is going great. We have a plan from the people who are moulding the terracing and the big change in the plan was instead of the terracing been installed onto the banking step by step, it’s been built in sections and moulds, and will be delivered to the ground all in one day. The final part of the terracing will be moulded during the last week in May. The delivery is scheduled for the first week in June, where everything will be delivered to site and fixed down. The plan is then to put the metal crush barriers onto the concrete and the finishing off work will be done that week.” 


Following the changes, the cost of the project has increased but thanks to many supporters and sponsors who have donated money it has still gone ahead and Beaumont is confident it will look great.


“The cost of the project is considerably more than what we planned but it’s built to last forever,” he explained. The Company from Ripon that built the terracing did a similar project at Loughborough University and we looked at that and it looked brilliant.”


It was also revealed that the identity of one generous supporter who donated a considerable amount to the project will be revealed at the opening ceremony.


“There is one individual who has made a considerable donation in memory of a relative and he or she will get the recognition they deserve at the opening. It was a one off thing that he did but he will get the plaudits he deserves. The other people who contributed just wanted to see it done.”


And now, following many challenges along the way, the process is in the final stages and Beaumont believes the whole experience has brought everyone associated with the club together. He also believes that the end result will make all of the efforts worthwhile. 


“It has been a good exercise all round because I think it has gelled everyone together. There has been a lot of frustration, but we haven’t fallen away from what we planned to do. We haven’t seen anything as insurmountable and everybody has contributed towards doing it, people at the club and people external to the club. There has never been any doubt at any time since we decided to do it that we wouldn’t be able to complete it, despite all the setbacks.”


Rams media team

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I am guessing the eastern terrace is the Owl Lane end of the ground, behind the sticks yes :)

Sounds like Dewsbury are well on their way to meeting stadium criteria for SL. If they can get the other end terraced it will be a decent stadium

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