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Rugby League European Shield Game 10 - Report


A man of the match performance from Warrington’s young full back James Saltonstall saw Italy retain faint hopes of winning the 2012-3 European Shield, with a 66-30 win over holders Germany in 36 degree heat in Karlsruhe.

The Azzurri moved to within two points of Russia in the table with the 12-try performance but if the Russians beat Germany at home on 10th August, they will be crowned champions and Germany relegated to the European Bowl.

Should the Germans pull off a shock win, then the Italians could still claim the crown if they defeat Serbia at home in October, which would possibly see the Serbs demoted.

The sharp and well organised Italians dominated the play the ball area with Gloucestershire All Golds stand off Matthew Bradley – who finished with 16 points - profiting from some quality ball from Hemel’s Joel Miranda which saw him spread it wide to great effect; Oldham winger Richard Lepori finishing with three tries.

“Our aim was to come up with three wins in the competition in the reverse fixtures this year and we are on target,” said Italy assistant and North West Roosters coach Kelly Rollaston.

“I’m pleased with how the newcomers fitted in; James Saltonstall was calm and class at the back and Matt Bradley ran the game. It was a great effort which showed how the domestic game in Italy is progressing.”

The Germans, on the back of four early penalties, took a shock lead who Oxford hooker Andy Hoggins burrowed over but from there the Italians dominated the first half, establishing a 38-8 advantage; their best try claimed by Ivan Barani following mesmerising handling from a scrum play.

As the heat took its toll, the Germans made a commendable fight of the second period which pleased their coach Dan Stocks.

“I was proud of the guys and I couldn’t fault their determination,” he said.

“They showed a lot of heart and were Italy’s equal after the break. It comes down to a lack of experience at this level and some naivety in conceding the early tries.”

Exciting winger Mawuli Améfia claimed two of the German touchdowns late on.

1 Christoph Huber  
2 Del Bartlett
3 Yassin Ayachi
4 Daniel Lortz
5 Mawuli Améfia
6 Kristian Keinhorst
7 Liam Doughton
8 Ben Behr-Heyder
9 Andy Hoggins
10 Sebastian Roczyn
11 Jonas Burkhardt
12 Vincent Spiess
13 Benedikt Rehm
Subs (all used)
14 Fabrice Fehlemann
15 Jonathan Zerweck
16 Abraham Gresham
17 Max Werner  

Tries: Hoggins (4), Fehlemann (23), Keinhorst (42), Lortz (62), Améfia (72,79)
Goals: Keinhorst 3/6

1 James Saltenstall
2 Fabrizio Ciaurro
3 Romain Pavoni
4 El Mehdi Idammou
5 Richard Lepori
6 Matthew Bradley
7 Chris De Meyer
8 Cedric Prizzon
9 Joel Miranda
10 Drake Muyodi
11 Giovanni Franchi
12 Gioele Celerino
13 M Verardi
Subs (all used)
14 Simone Boscolo
15 Gert Peens
16 Andrea Sola
17 Ivan Barani

Tries: Franchi (8, 36), Miranda (12), Celerino (18), Lepori (20, 39, 66), Barani (28), Pavoni (45), Bradley (51), Saltonstall (69), Ciaurro (75)
Goals: Peens 3/3, Bradley 6/9

Half time: 8-38
Penalties: 8-5
Referee: Craig Kay (England)

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Russia take European Shield after German default

Russia have been awarded the 2012-3 Rugby League European Shield after their final game at home to Germany this weekend was called off, after a number of the opposition players failed to apply for their visas in time.
The Bears, who were overwhelming favourites to beat the bottom of the table Germans – who are now relegated to the European Bowl – needed a point to claim the crown.
They had won four of their five matches and have been awarded this tie 30-0 by the Rugby League European Federation Board.
The RLEF has also pledged to review the operations of RL Deutschland in view of the circumstances.
Newly appointed RLD President Benedikt Rehm commented, “Due to the fact that a number of German players were not able to get their visa issues sorted in time, and as four players’ passports were delayed by a courier on the way to the consulate in Berlin, Rugby League Deutschland has been forced to cancel the game against the Russians.”
“On behalf of RL Deutschland I'm extremely sorry that we were not able to arrange everything in time and make the game happen. Having learned from our mistakes we will restructure RLD for 2014, to ensure that situations like this do not happen again.
“I want to express our disappointment especially to the Russian Rugby League, which I know has put in a lot of effort towards hosting us,” he added.
RLEF General Manager Danny Kazandjian commented, “This is an extremely unfortunate – and avoidable - situation and I particularly regret that the ARLK has been denied the opportunity to play a valuable home game with the potential to receive the Shield in front of their loyal home supporters.
“It is certainly not the way anyone wanted what has been on the whole a thoroughly successful two-year tournament to end.
“For the first time in the competition’s history the RLEF provided specific pre-match funding and unfortunately RL Deutschland was unable to meet its obligations to the competition and its fellow participants.
Kazandjian continued, “The RLEF has been reviewing RL Deutschland for several months and we will work closely with Bene Rehm and the association’s leaders to ensure that the organisation begins to meet its potential.
“I congratulate Edgard Taturyan, the president of the ARLK, national team coach Eduard Ososkov, his captain Alex Lysokon and their squad for what has been a very successful two years for Russia, culminating in a worthy triumph in the European Shield.”

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Kazandjian continued, “The RLEF has been reviewing RL Deutschland for several months and we will work closely with Bene Rehm and the association’s leaders to ensure that the organisation begins to meet its potential.

Key point right there.


Such a shame that this happened, but wonder why this went down as 30-0 rather than the traditional 24-0

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Very sad to see/hear. I dont find any satisfaction in seeing what I thought would happen come true. Whilst RLD shoulder much of the blame, the RLEF are far from innocent and a number of people are fuming with the RLEF and how it didnt help enough in their opinion.. Off the field organization is very tough, especially when asking a bunch of volunteers to go to another nation requiring vises and things are not straight forward. Germany has no Domestic comp and never really has. Its time that area was worked on and proper development sorted. The RLEF D.O just uses Union players from Heidelberg area to get games on and NO schools work or development outside of Union players is done. He also has pushed many away from the game including the last 2 Presidents and 3 clubs walked away because largely of his attitude and actions. Germany and the RLEF need to maybe have a review of eveything and look to have a plan to try and not just look to the future but also reach out to the people who have walked away.

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Maybe it's time the RLEF didn't allow a nation to compete in the EC/ES/EB unless they have a minimum of a four team domestic league set up.

didnt that used to be the rule? Or is that World Cup? Either way I agree that it should apply for all international comps

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Italy’s domestic players get a further chance to stake their claim for a World Cup place when they face Serbia in the final game of the 2012-13 European Shield this Saturday in Este, Veneto.
Despite Russia having taken the trophy, the Azzuri, who will next play against England on 19 October in a World Cup warm up fixture in Salford, are ahead of Serbia in second place and keen to end the campaign on a high, according to assistant coach Kelly Rolleston. “Our goal at the start of this year’s section of the European Shield was to go through unbeaten and we have put in two good performances against Russia and Germany which puts us in a position to achieve our goal,” he said.
“We expect our players to be in top form with the RLWC just over a month away. A number of them will have a chance to push for a place in the Italian squad.”
Paul Broadbent has a settled squad to choose from including play-makers Remi Fontana and Ray Nasso, industrious forwards Cedric Prizzon and Chris Vitalini, while Fabrizio Ciaurro and Chris De Meyer have been every bit as influential throughout the course of the campaign.
Rising stars Gioele Celerino and debutant Riccardo Scandurra have spent time in England training with Sheffield Eagles and Leeds Rhinos after impressing Broadbent.
Serbia head coach Marko Janković believes the match is an important stepping stone for his side. He noted, "Although the Shield winner is already known, this game is still really important. During this two-year cycle we heavily rejuvenated our squad and the test against a World Cup participant is a high point of our campaign. Italy, as a huge sporting nation, is always a big challenge and I believe that all the conditions for an attractive match are in place."
Janković’s squad is bolstered by the recall of Carpentras pair Danilo Delić and Zoran Pešić, and powerful front rowers Dejan Lukenić and Lazar Živković, all of whom missed May’s defeat to Russia. The squad prepared with a 32-4 trial win against Serbia U20 as well as game three of the Serbian Origin Cup, which saw Country take out the series 2-1 against a Belgrade Select.

Ray Nasso, (Avignon XIII), Simone Boscolo (Ariete Este), Remi Fontana (Carpentras), Fabrizio Ciaurro (Coventry Bears), Christophe Calegari (Lezignan Corbieres), Gioele Celerino, Chris De Meyer, Gert Peens, Riccardo Scandurra (North West Roosters), Richard Lepori (Oldham Bears), Jonathon Marcinczak (Racing Club Albi), Michele Verardi (Tirreno Sharks), Chris Vitaliani. (University of Gloucestershire All Golds), Cedric Prizzon (Villefrache en Rouergue), Ivan Barani, Giovanni Franchi, Octavian Ilinca, Drake Muyodi (XIII del Ducato), Idammou El Mehdi, Andrea Sola (XIII della Ghirandina)

Danilo Delić, Zoran Pešić (Carpentras XIII, France), Mihailo Bošković, Mirko Božović, Marko Ćuk, Dejan Lukenić, Stefan Nedeljković, Stevan Stevanović, Dalibor Vukanović (Dorćol), Marko Milenković, Lazar Živković (Niš), Igor Vratnjan (Podbara), Slobodan Manak (Radnički Belgrade), Žarko Kovačević, Pero Madžarević (Radnički Nova Pazova), Miloš Ćalić, Vladislav Dedić, Vojislav Dedić, Vladica Nikolić, Miloš Zogović (Red Star)

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ITALY 32 SERBIA 20 – Este, Veneto

A man of the match performance from Richard Lepori, who’s try on the hour secured victory, saw the Azzurri claim second spot in the final European Shield table, in a captivating clash.
The Oldham winger paid his own way over to don the Italian shirt in an effort to make it into their World Cup squad and was happy to get the job done.
“I really enjoyed it, Serbia gave it a real dig, they were tough and ran hard,” he said. “We had to battle in defence but stuck to our plan of trying to get the ball wide and scored most of our points down the flanks.”
The Serbians started impressively, dominating the early exchanges but Lepori proved to be their undoing, catching a kick and breaking free over 80 metres, his offload sending Christophe Calegari in for the opening score in the sixth minute, Remi Fontana goaling.
The visitors continued to pose problems, Stevan Stevanović knocking on over the line on the back of a 40-20 but they were rewarded when Vojislav Dedić chipped to the corner and Marko Ćuk dotted down for an unconverted try.
Ray Nasso knocked on with the line beckoning but the Italians increased their lead when Gioele Celerino crossed.
Dorcol Spiders’ experienced scrum half Dalibor Vukanović ran a great a great line from ten metres out to go over, Vojislav Dedić converting to level but on the final play of the first half, Serbia pushed a pass in their own half and Calegari swooped for his second touchdown.
Italian pressure at the start of the second period saw Gert Peens go over and convert his own try but a short sided play saw Stevanović across to cut the gap to six points.
An evasive run from Lepori, who was a handful throughout, saw local hooker Simone Boscolo sneak over and Lepori gained his reward soon after, Peens goaling both.
Two minutes from time, Cuk claimed his brace after a tight contest in the final quarter.
Serbian coach Marko Janković had nothing but praise for his player’s efforts. “Today showed that local players can compete with what I think was the strongest side in the competition, playing for World Cup spots” he said.
“This was a triumph for all those who have been involved in rugby league development in Europe for a number of years, it was a great contest. The future is on our side, this is a great format for us to continue to progress.”
Fabrizio Ciaurro (Coventry Bears)
Richard Lepori (Oldham)
Christophe Calegari (Lezignan Corbieres)
Ivan Barani (XIII del Ducato)
Riccardo Scandurra (North West Roosters)
Remi Fontana (Carpentras)
Chris De Meyer (North West Roosters)
Chris Vitaliani (University of Gloucestershire All Golds)
Ray Nasso, (Avignon XIII)
Cedric Prizzon (Villefrache en Rouergue)
Gioele Celerino (North West Roosters)
Giovanni Franchi (XIII del Ducato)
Jonathon Marcinczak (Racing Club Albi)
Subs (all used)
Michele Verardi (Tirreno Sharks)
Gert Peens (North West Roosters)
Simone Boscolo (Ariete Este)
Drake Muyodi (XIII del Ducato)
Tries: Calegari (6, 39), Celerino (24), Peens (45), Boscolo (58), Lepori (61)
Goals: Fontana, Peens 3
Miloš Zogović (Red Star)
Mihailo Bošković (Dorcol)
Miloš Ćalić (Red Star)
Marko Milenković (Niš)
Marko Ćuk (Dorcol)
Vojislav Dedić (Red Star)
Dalibor Vukanović (Dorćol)
Lazar Živković (Niš)
Vladislav Dedić (Red Star)
Dejan Lukenić (Dorcol)
Vladica Nikolić (Red Star)
Stevan Stevanović (Dorcol)
Stefan Nedeljković (Dorcol)
Subs (all used)
Igor Vratnjan (Podbara)
Žarko Kovačević (Radnički Nova Pazova)
Mirko Božović (Dorcol)
Pero Madžarević (Radnički Nova Pazova)
Tries: Cuk (19, 78), Vukanović (36), Stevanović (48)
Goals: Vojislav Dedić 2
Half time: 14-10
Referee: Chris Campbell (England)
Penalty count: 8-7

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