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The King Of Leon

Rate the DR so far

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ok discounting Moore and Achurch who i cant see playing for us again, rate the 5 others, mine would be


1 Keinhorst - a class act

2 Singleton -  never stops going forward

3 Hood - a smart player from dummy half

4 Watson - some errors but gives 100%

5 Chisholm - early days jury still out, just wish hed get more ball, big error cost us bonus point y,day

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To be brutally honest,if it wasnt for the dr,we would be at bottom of the table,of that there is no doubt,,,jimmy k & watson are that bit of flare every team needs. My main problem is team selection,which of late is totally mind blowing,,where is john oaks,what has he done wrong,,,Ansell on sunday ,were is windley,that was a total no brainer,,scott watson gave his all against catalan,and doesnt get a sniff. We have a really tough period to get through in the next few weeks,and cant see any points coming our way,have a look at the table in six weeks,,,We have to change this now,not pussy foot about ,actually do it,because i will tell you this much,if WE need to get something out of our last two games to stay up (sheff away...fev home)im sorry were down,i think all hunslet fans will agree,it has to change NOW

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Oakes needs to lose a stone or two.

Windley is a hooker.

Agree on Watson but would he have brought more to the table that haughey, houston or brickwood?

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1st Our best player from Leeds - Jimmy Keinhorst been brilliant every game , best centre  that i have seen up to now, in this league,hope we could get him back next season if possible, he has the German mentality of wanting to win every game he plays in.


2nd  Hood -  Non stop,fast forward danger to opposing teams.


3rd  Singleton - Great tough hard forward .


4th Watson - Exciting fast speedy back,playing fullback but would like to see him used on the wing or maybe centre.

Has improved immensely since his first two games , of which I did not rate him enough in the first  two games, now with  he's well worth his place in the team. 


5th Chisholm -  Yes still early days KOL and that drop ball in the Workington game did in the end cost us a bonus point.Not keen on his tackling either, or the lack of it but, the lad has pace to burn, and given a chance to run with the ball, could be a match winner,  but as we know Huns don't use their wingers.

He should now be dropped for a game or two then given another chance to prove us wrong like Watson did.

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Not sure I agree with your mini league table - also you are comparing apples with pears.  How can you compare a Prop to a Full Back and rate one better than the other.  A prop runs forward, offloads and tackles, thats his job.  A Full back....well there is so much to that position I haven't got time to write it.


So is Brad Singleton better than Jimmy Watson?  The answer would have to be Watson is more skill full, agile, faster etc etc.  Brad is strong in his runs.


Here is my table:


1 Watson

2 Hood

3 Keinhorst

4 Singleton

5 Chisolm


Here is the rationale.....


Watson has been good for Hunslet, safe, quick, can break the line, exciting and pushes through like no other FB I have seen at this level.  At Swinton when he scored 3, it was because of the push throughs and hand offs from the forwards - Hunslet dont do enough of this thats why Watson isnt scoring 3 in every game.


Hood - is dangerous from dummy half and a good, rugby brain.  Hard to catch and very strong.


Keinhorst - is a great player but plays off other people.  His tries have either been lucky interceptions or he has been in support.  He is strong and has a great off load.


Singleton - is just strong going forward.  We need that but offers nothing else.  Much better than what we have at Hunslet though.


Chisolm - is a little rusty, hasnt really had a consistent game, but never gets the ball.  He is a former Fastest Man in Super League.  Give him the ball in your 20 and nobody will catch him.  He dropped a clanger last week but if you see no ball all game its gonna happen.


I just love it when Watson gets the ball, you dont know what will happen - has to be our most exciting player and maybe too good to stop at Hunslet long term.

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Think you're off the mark on keinhorst, most of his tries have come off his out back thanks to his amazing feet; personally I've never seen anyone else who makes defenders look so daft whilst dancing past them. Good players will step past/round defenders, keinhorst has had people diving the wrong way trying to tackle him.

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