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Will they Ever Get it? MPs Still way out of touch

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According to Guido Fawkes Harriet Harman is trying to secure a parliamentary candidacy for Tracy Ullman's daughter, one of her former assistants.


Hmm, the daughter of a millionaire Harley St surgeon and the American-raised daughter of millionaires in the entertainment industry.


Two salt-of-the-earth working class types together.


Mind you Harriet Harmon's husband must be a brilliant politician; only elected to Parliament in 2010 and already he's the Shadow Local Government and Communities Minister.


:dry: <_<

Aaaand in a nutshell, that's where Labour has gone wrong in the last decade.  The fruits of the political central-office cherry-picking of candidates in the Blair era have now evolved into cherry-picking their own in their own shape and thinking there's nowt wrong with it.  (Yes, I know Harman isn't of the 90s generation of MPs but the point stands)

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