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Martyn Sadler

Super League succeeding as a TV sport

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This man is so wrong as to be unbelievable. SL is a disaster and needs completely ripping apart and replaced with a competition made up of pro v semi-pro village teams.

Why would it matter as people would be watching on TV not in the "village".  Wow what a great sport we are driving people from the terraces to the armchair..................

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Should have gone for 30 Stobart trailers - Undersell is an under statement when you consider that promotion to the premier division from the championship for the champions is worth in the region of  £120 million and £90 million to the winner of the play-off final.

I attended a conference yesterday (Thursday) at Headingley on the subject of 'Effective Commercial Partnerships.' in both codes of rugby.


One of the speakers was John Stainer, of the Repucom company, which undertakes market research, media evaluation and analyses market intelligence from 20 offices dotted around the world.


He made an interesting comparison of Super League's TV audience with those of the RBS Six Nations and the Aviva Premiership.


He pointed out that in the most recent complete seasons, the Six Nations audience had increased by 7%, the Aviva Premiership by 4%, but Super League's audience had increased by 19%.


Not only that, but his company had done major surveys of the audience for the two codes of rugby, and found that Rugby League supporters are particularly keen to embrace new products and, more importantly, are naturally inclined to buy the products of any sponsor that comes on board to back Rugby League.


He also found that the wider public associates qualities with Rugby League that are almost wholly positive - ranging from teamwork, discipline, toughness, athleticism and so on. The public impression of Rugby League is generally much more positive than it is of football, for example.


So it looks as though Rugby League is a sponsor's dream.


It prompted me to ask the obvious question of why, if all that is true, Rugby League appears to perform so badly commercially.


"Rugby League undersells itself," was his rather simple answer.


But it does make you think!


There will be more in Rugby League Express on Monday.

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