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Hunslet Vs Batley - Premier Sports Special

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Is this  allowance for parking normal or are Rugby supporters not wanted in Hunslet. Why did you allow the council to take away your part ownership of Elland Road if you are not prime tenants at the South Leeds Stadium? Also why build more facilities than the venue can accommodate?

Our part ownership of Elland Road had about 10 years to run, after that we would have been kicked out, so to keep the club going we had to do something.


Leeds Utd when it suited them, did not want us playing on their sacred turf, saying we damaged it, although at the time the pitch was worse round the goalmouth area,due to the football,( and they did win the then first division  with us playing on their sacred turf) so this put the council under pressure to remove us. They came up with building the South Leeds stadium for basically us at first. Different councils get elected every few years and want to change things, maybe it's a good thing for us in so much as the more facilities going up the better , as this helps in not closing down the South Leeds Stadium to sell the land off. Or else we might be back playing at Batley.

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