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I have just taken yet another call from a supporter asking if we know the individual match dates for the next round of the Challenge Cup, as he wants to book some time off work and a hotel so as not to miss a match.


How difficult a job can it possibly be to get dates, venues and times fixed what amounts to a mere handful of matches?  I hate to criticise but it seems to me the game might have fewer problems filling stadiums for Challenge Cup and international fixtures if supporters were given more time to arrange travel, accommodation and such like.


We are long past the days when Fev supporters worked down t' local pits, t' Heavy Woollen lot worked in't mills in Dewsbury and the Warrington lot all pulled wire. I have answered calls from Leeds Rhinos supporters who travel every week from Cumbria to Headingley or wherever their team is playing away, from Cas supporters who travel every week from London and a Broncos supporter who travels down from Hull.


There are Saints and Wigan fans all over the country, many of who travel every week of the season ...........


I could probably go on till I had named every Super League and every team playing in the Championships if I had listed every caller in the last ten years or so asking for times and dates so they could get their leave request for in, in time, and book that hotel room before it was too late to take advantage of that early booking discount they'd seen on the internet.


Life is not as confined as it used to be.  People have got choices.  We need to make sure that if they want to choose a great Rugby League match we are laying out a red carpet in front of them not an obstacle course.



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She has a point and it's worse for the World Cup when people have to travel from the ends of the earth. They only recently decided on kickoff times.

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