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Batley's turnstile offer

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Didnt say you were the worst !!!

once featherstone,widnes,castleford,halifax,leeds,hull & hull kr go bust

only then will you be the worst lol ;)

dont knock what batley are trying to do

its tough times for club,but its also tough times for supporters too.

personally i would have the 2 derby games run as joint promotions to try pack out the grounds

its not just about getting thru the turnstyle

its about getting them to buy a pint,a pie & a halftime ticket.

theres no reason other than poor marketing thats stopping us getting 2000 for a derby game,not too long ago i can remember there been well over 6000 for the combined xmas/new years day battles...think one year batley had 4300.

experiments have to be made..and a level has to be found what people are willing to turn out and watch...would rather have batley season tickets go to our home match for a fiver...and we do the same..cos strait away you would be saving £20 on your season ticket.

something has to be done,thats for sure.


I really couldn't agree more.

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Oh, and don't forget that it's a 2.00 pm kick off. We wouldn't want Rams fans turning up after half time and sneaking in for free, now would we?

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