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Newcastle RLFC 1936-38.

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Newcastle RLFC 1936/7 and 1937/8


I'm gathering information on a defunct Rugby League club which was based in Newcastle-on-Tyne, and then County Durham, from 1936 until 1938.


I'm interested in press cuttings, photos, match programmes, the lot. Might anyone be able to help?


The jackpot/long shot, of course, would be to speak to someone who saw Newcastle RLFC play. (Better still, someone who played for them.) But, yeah, it's a bit late in the day, isn't it?


Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

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The fully researched story is available here


The paperback is over £10 I think but just £2.50 as a PDF download. I know John and he put a lot of work into this, going through local newspaper archives in Newcastle.

Thanks for that - I've already been in touch with John. I just want to see what people have in the way of programmes or other memorabilia. Plus, if I can interview someone who was around all those years ago, that would be great.



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