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TotalRL NRL Tipping Competition 2013 Round 12 Results Posted, Awards Presented

NRL R12 Poll  

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  1. 1. Which game in R12 will produce the closest result?

    • Bulldogs v Dragons
    • Rabbitohs v Knights
    • Titans v Cowboys
    • Broncos v Warriors

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Bulldogs  16 - 14 Dragons Home Win (Closest result - 2 point margin)

Rabbitohs 25 - 18 Knights Home Win (7 point margin)

Titans 31 - 12 Cowboys Home Win (19 point margin)

Broncos 18 - 56 Warriors Away Win (38 point margin)

NRL Round 12 Summary

Winners: Bulldogs, Rabbitohs, Titans and Warriors

1 Away Win

Points total: 190 that's higher than average for a 4 game round

Poll: Closest Margin of victory 2 Points Bulldogs beating Dragons

Tipping Comp Results /4:

Bourbon Rat 3

thirteenthman 4

Southstander13  3

R L Winger 2

Blotto 3

Barney 4

Simon Kerr 3

Rugby Female 3

Stoney100  3

Kiwityke 4

G Las D 3

Match Tipping:

Three of us tipsters shared the top score with an excellent  4/4 : ThirteenthmanBarney and   Kiwityke

The tie breaker was brought into play. This resulted in a win for Barney (-34) from Thirteenthman (-44) and Kiwityke (-55)

Points Total 190  points scored. The closest to this total was Southstander13 (-13)

The Away Win comp was won by  thirteenthman, Barney and Kiwityke

The Poll competition was won jointly by Bourbon Rat, Barney,Stoney100, Kiwityke and G Las D

Animated awards will be presented to this week's winners as soon as I've been able to create them.

Our Round 12 tipping competition will be posted shortly

Congratulations to  ThirteenthmanBarney and   Kiwityke our top scorers this week.

Thank you to everyone who took part.


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That Monday game was ugly ! I gave up watching after 50 minutes.


Congrats to all the winners of the short round :drinks:

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A one sided affair for the most part

You can't fault Warriors for thrashing the team put out against them.

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Well done Barney and Kiwityke :yahoo:


Not a fantastic game (don't think any of this weekends games have been that good), but its a good win for the Warriors. I notice the Broncos and Warriors play again later this month straight after the 2nd Origin, back in Auckland.

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************  ROUND 12  ************
 ------------- AWARDS -------------

************** TipsterR122013_zpse97519af.gif **************

PointsR122013_zps02271b43.gif * AwayR122013_zpsf48cd284.gif * PollR122013_zps54d63fab.gif  *  LeadersR122013_zps453908ab.gif

Congratulations to  THIRTEENTHMAN, BARNEY and KIWITYKE  our top scorer this week.
Our group strike rate was an astounding  35/44 or  80% ...
There's another award to be presented this week - see below. There's a limit on the number of animations that can be posted in one go and I've reached it!
The Round 13 competition will be posted shortly.

Don't forget to enter the Sate of Origin 1 Tipping Competition for the game this Wednesday 5th June

The Tipsters' Ladder is updated with the R12 results of our efforts.

Good Luck in State of Origin 1 and Round 13

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I must say I enjoy watching the brand of RL Titans play when they are in gear.


Have to agree with that, they are great to watch and the speed they have in the backs allied with the power of Taylor and Idris makes them a quite potent attacking team. Albert Kelly has gone really well this year, been impressed with him as Id expected him to be one of the players who wasted their talents through off field issues but he has got himself sorted and is now a key player. Well done to the guy!

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Also, well done to all the winners, didnt expect the Warriors to cut loose as much as they did against the Broncos, Brisbanes defence looked very poor but there were some great attacking plays from New Zealand.

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Broncos weren't so much the young guns as the soft targets.

I guess the difference in the two teams was exaggerated by the previous poor form of the Warriors and few (if any?) of them picked for rep footy.

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