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So much easier for the RFU as the RFL constantly keep shooting themselves in the foot. Look how they are messing the junior game up to see that they haven't a clue whats going on.

Who is responsible for the press coverage the RFU get? They get their coverage through a well run media network and know how to use it their full potential. Yet we can only get small column inches, whose fault is that? Is it because of our own problems we are deemed a lesser sport now? Or is it because we have a poor product now?


With regards to fans turning up, they did for internationals when they meant something for the fans and players. Full houses for the Ashes tests, no players giving a poor excuse for not making themselves available to play or travel. The RFU would fill Twickenham if the 4th 15s played the Dog and Duck blind 15, yet we cannot learn anything from them Bedford?

The RFL are good if you are from an area from outside SL heartlands or you are a club in SL, as that's all they focus on - their funding to those and the communities they represent show this. When did the RFL give Oldham or its amateur clubs anything worthwhile? Apart from destroy its oiled production line of its Service Area.

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