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Luke Walsh to UK

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St Helens have got themselves a good one there.

Luke's having a great season.

If you are going to buy an overseas player it should be someone with a special talent and in the prime of his playing career.

So that's Luke Walsh - a goodbye to panthers at the end of the season and a good buy for Saints.

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That's a harsh judgement on him in that article.

I've had the bloke in my fantasy team and he always scores well.

The Panthers have him and don't seem to rate him enough to keep him. They even dropped him down to their feeder team earlier in the season for a week. They soon pulled him back though and he hasn't disappointed since.Maybe then he's seen how the Panthers have treated him and therefore doesn't feel bound to them. Just speculation of course.

Maybe he's one of those players that you don't appreciate until they are gone. He does fully involve himself in a game.

I'd certainly have him in my squad.

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