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Latics ownership

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I see ex Widnes Chairman Stephen Vaughan is making a bid for Latics.

I guess it's difficult not to speculate and think' Hmmmmmmm!?' Maybe he might have ideas in our direction, but then again he might not.

But then again I've just read the chrons article about it and maybe it's not such a good idea.

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Director confirms no current plans to sell the club

After discussions with Latics' Chairman Simon Corney, who is currently in New York, Director Barry Owen can confirm there are no plans to sell the club or any stake in it to the Vaughan consortium or any other bodies.

In an exclusive interview with Latics Player, Mr Owen said: "The Chairman has never made any secrecy of the fact the club is for sale.

"However, it has always been a stipulation that any sale would have to be in the best interests of Oldham Athletic Football Club."

Mr Owen went on to say the Chairman is an astute businessman and there are very few people who would stick by a loss-making organisation for the length of time he has done.

He continued: "This demonstrates his passion and love for the club and, from a personal point of view, it is unfortunate people want to second guess his intentions.

"The Club is currently in the final stages of developing the new North Stand and I am sure Simon is fully focused on this particular project.

"I am aware that the club staff have been assured their jobs are safe and no takeover will occur to the Vaughan consortium."

Mr Owen added it is not uncommon for groups to show an interest in purchasing football clubs and some time ago the Vaughan consortium did so with Latics.

He said: "I am somewhat confused at this stage as to why they have decided that publicity would benefit their cause.

"We look forward to progressing with our new projects and to the start of the new season."

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Hmmmm :(


Looks like Simon Corney was in very serious talks to sell Latics but that the F.A. have squashed the idea.


Thank goodness it was stopped, Stephen Vaughan makes Ken Bates look legitimate.  :sclerosis:

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