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Gay marriage bill, part 2: The Lords

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Telegraph linky.  It's like something out of a 1970s sitcom...


"We didn't fight those fuzzie-wuzzies on the beaches just so young men could sodomise each other in time to the Archers theme tune"


"I want gay marriage banned because I want to be called gay when I skip and play outside of Parliament and it not mean something beastly and horrid"


"We swivel-eyed loons don't like these gay people at all, not only am I going to vote against it as it stands but I'll be submitting an amendment that allows such marriage but automatically deports them to our prison island of Australia along with anyone who disagrees with us"


"Bum sex is bad for you you know, the doctors all say it.  It's also not true that I'm so strongly opposed to these things because I'm a frustrated luvvie, I just hated it at school where the older boys would not even give the courtesy of a reacharound."



I still don't get the point of why we persist with the House of Lords.  I thought Labour had 13 years to bring our Parliamentary system fully into the 20th century, never mind the 21st.


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The only argument in favour - and it's weak when you see the current make up of the Lords - is that allows appointments based on skills. So you could have proper scientists, educationalists etc.

Of course instead you get Lord Bufton of Tufton trousering expenses that would make an MEP blush whilst doing sweet FA apart from lamenting the passing of time.

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