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Bring Back GB / Ashes Tests etc (Merged Threads)

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There was no question that Maurice Lindsay was dynamic but whether he was responsible is quite another matter. I am mean Fred "the Shred" Goodwin and Andy Hornby were dynamic bankers but they were irresponsible. I think Lindsay's failings were his ambitions and vision were too grand for a sport that needed prudent management as it converted to professionalism. What was in the short term interests of Wigan were not in the long term interests of the sport itself. Irresponsible financial management and wage inflation caused by the Wigan spending spree bankrupted a sport that had limited income streams.

Rugby league need to establish itself as a functioning fully professional sport before it could start taking on the World. Once the core of the sport was functioning well, with a financially vibrant club game and well attended meangingful internationals, then look to expand. The run before you can walk method has tended not to end very happily.

The inward looking obsession with clubs is a huge problem. The Warrington crowd booing Wigan players at England matches etc. It is just ridiculous. The inability of the British game to establish a meaningful representative series above Super League is another huge failing. Would really be that difficult to get 20,000 people along to see the best 26 rugby league players in England going at it full tilt?

Your are right. Wigan v St Helens 4 times a year is not going to spread the sport to the consciousness of the general public. Yorkshire v Lancashire and Great Britain v Australia just might stand a fighting chance. There is only one sport in England where the club games is its main driver of revenue, soccer. Union and cricket are much, much better models to follow.

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