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Doncaster Game

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Firstly, Doncaster looked a well drilled outfit and were worthy of the win. Secondly, we looked a much more organised side with Watson back. 


However the scoreline is inexcusable, at home against a side that got promoted last year,


What I think is obvious from tonight's game is that all our organisation and discipline comes from Watson, not Chambers.


Sack him, and use the money to invest in a squad capable of competing in this league (or should I say Championship 1, which is where we will be next year, im willing to put money on it).


Players who are simply no way near good enough for this division:


Holland (why oh why does he seem to keep finding a way into our team)










Ainscough isnt big or fast enough to play at centre in this division, his creativity and passing ability need to be used at S.O.


The blueprint for a good side is there for all to see, just look at our championship winning side. What we are missing from this, is a young, talented hooker/half back, or two, to play in conjunction with the experience of Smith/Watson/Ainscough. 110% commited second rowers to play with Daz (and Sarsfield is looking good aswell). Two experienced centres who can not only make yards but also distribute to our wingers (Penny and Ormsby are brilliant IMO). A powerful L.F who can make decent drives and has a passing game (Phil Joseph and Lee Marsh spring to mind), and finally a coach who the players respect.


What we dont need is underdeveloped kids who have one eye on their main club, and to be honest arnt that brilliant anyway, mixed in with the skeleton of a championship winning side.


The type of players ive mentioned do not have to be world beaters, they just have to have competent in certain areas both physically and mentally, its as simple as that.


I dont think this season is savable now, but we need to address these problems before we go down. 



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To be honest I think the club has been recruiting in preparation to go down given the 'quality' of players and the standard of league they have played in before coming to us. Total disgrace to throw away all the hard work it took us to get here. Some people at this club should be ashamed of themselves.

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I was away for last weeks game, but I've just watched it (thank-you Sky+). The defence in the first 10 mins was laughable, Ainscough got done for the first one and then Tahroui didn't get accross quick enough to cover for the 2nd try. Then we turned up (ok we conceded again), we looked the more likely team well into 15 mins of the 2nd half...then it fell apart again when Ainscough knocked on from the first tackle.

On the positive side, Daz is back and I wouldn't be surprised if he was top tackler. Sarsfield was back, Tahroui looks good going forward, Brown looked solid, Watson's back, Richie was back and had we shown more composure we could have done much better than we did.

Penny was immense and his side-step was sublime. Furryenzo, I agree regarding Ormsby, he didn't impress me for the first 10 games of the season but recently he has really come on (although it would have been nice if he'd managed to get that score in the corner).

All in all...let's hope results turn around, it was a better performance than the last 3.

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