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If you won the lottery

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First off, I'd invest in mining and oil companies to turn myself into a billionaire, then I could invest in RL without having to worry about the funds running dry.

Once a billionaire, I'd run or RFL supremo, with my company sponsoring the SL. That would mean all clubs would get the TV money, plus an extra £1m each a year from me, providing they have no more than 3 overseas players on their books, They are free to mploy more foreigners, but they do so knowing they will forgot £1m if they do. This will increase SL spending power, while cutting the number of imports.

As the RFL supremo, basically bankrolling the clubs, I would effectively have he game by the b**** and could do what I'd like in the best interests of the game. I'd bring in Tolouse + Aude at the expense of Cas and Hull KR. I'd ensure P&R never returns.

I'd set up an academy exchange where very club seds it's best 1-2 young players to the NRL for a year, while taking on board 1-2 Aussies in their academy for the year.

I'd fund renovations on Headingley, rebuilding the north and south stands to the same size as the Carnegie stad (Leave the west stand vacant parkland like Gosford). I'd also provide funds to ensure Wakey's stadium is done, buy a central stadium in London for the Broncos to use, and (for the crowning jewell) renovate Odsal into a 70k super stadium for the Bulls, as well as the home of England RL- to be used for WCC, SL GF, CC SF's, all England games, Championship GF's etc.

Finally, if my SL empire turned out like this, I'd the tempt the Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Italian RU's into switching codes- making the RaboBank Pro12 a RL comp. then the 6 Nations could be an RL event too.

I'd also employ Wayne Bennett as England Coach and technical director.

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Invest heavily in Barrow with the intention of turning them into a sl franchise for the whole of Cumbria.

Invest in Whitehaven and workington and make them the best community clubs in rl.

Hopefully that would create a clear pathway for all players to find there natural level.

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