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Ok Mark fair enough and I promise this is my last word on the subject. It's just that as fans we can be a little insular, and sometimes opinions from whatever outside source can help develop a debate in a wider perspective. Fact is there's probably only about 250 of us left and THAT is a worry. If we're haemorrhaging fans we need to ask them why. Any business must learn from its lost customers. Clearly there's something fundamentally wrong, and if we ever reach the day when Spelly is left to debate with himself it's no good him saying "well I'm a loyal fan". Ok I'm exaggerating, but you get my drift.

I totally agree Steve. There is something fundamentally wrong in the administration of the whole of RL. The best sport which is the most badly run

Which leads me to my last sentence. Put those word smith talents to better use

He can stop insulting my intelligence with pointing out the glaringly obvious time and again.

As Bryce says we know hes right more often than not. Its just the tone is way off.

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I never forgot him. I mentioned previously several times. His ability to make a break,link up, 40/20 kicking,can tackle,etc. A typical stand off,something many of his predessors lacked. Hope we keep him and he stays fit and at this level and playing alongside Ian Watson can only improve.

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