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Anita Bath

Hornet's British Lion

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Its 125 years since the first british rugby team toured down under .


The first tour in 1888 included the original Rochdale Hornet's J Nolan at half back.  As far as I can establish he also played in the Centres and was a prolific try scorer (59 tries in the three seasons preceding the tour).


He played at half back in the very first tour game, an 8-3 win over Otago. No tests were played on the inaugural tour and the tour was privately organised because the old farts at the Home Unions did not agree to it.  nevtheless the Lions are being marketd as the 125th anniversary of the first tour.


Perhaps something could be made of this in te programme.  I don't have access to my Centenary history of Hornets (Boib Fletcher's booklet).  There may be something on Nolan in there.


Of course we later had Malcolm Price who scored doubles against both the wallabies and All blacks in tests on the 1959 tour but that was well before he turned to rugby League and Hornets.


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I'll certainly look into this and consider putting something in a forthcoming programme. I'll have to ferret out my Centenary booklet and have a look at the relevant part.



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