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What's on TV and When? Round 17 and Game Talk

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Well we're back to a full set of eight games to watch in the UK this weekend.

There's just two games first showings being delayed broadcasts.

OK that means some early viewings but hey, thank goodness for digital recording - HD+ box in my case.

Is there time available to see them all in full?

We are certainly spoilt!




Storm fans will be hoping Melbourne can shake of the remnants of last week's poor showing against a tough-in-the-rain Tigers outfit.

I guess the same sort of thing can be said for a lot of the teams who played away in R16 as there were no away wins at all in the round..

Sharks and Tigers game should be a close and tough game.

I'm looking forward to Titans v Panthers as both on their day can produce some great attacking plays.

Warriors have found a winning formula of late, they'll be seriously tested against the Bunnies though.

The round finishes on Monday with Manly hoping to put their game together better against an Eels team who will be hoping their bye in R16 has given them chance to regather themselves to put on a decent performance.

Enjoy your rugby league.

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Three games are on the road in NRL Round 17:


The Titans v Panthers game is being played at the TIO Stadium (Marrara Stadium) normally home to AFL and cricket in Darwin, Northern Territory.


marrara.jpg NRL Round 17: Titans v Panthers on Saturday - Darwin NT


Roosters played Cowboys there in 2012 season.


The Bulldogs v Knights game is also on the road, being played at Mackay in Queensland between Townville and Brisbane.

Mackay is a seaside place nearer to Townville than Brisbane.

It's a return there for Bulldogs who played their R16 game there last season against Storm.


side_image.jpg R17: Bulldogs v Knights - Mackay QLD



Yet another of the on-the-road fixtures is the Rabbitohs v Warriors game which is over in Perth!

This one is at the nib Stadium, Perth , Western Australia.

It's a 20,000 capacity stadium previously known as the Perth Oval.

Rabbitohs played and lost there to Broncos  in March 2012


perth_equity1.jpg R17 Rabbitohs v Warriors -  Perth WA

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I hope to see them all - though can't manage all of them when they are first shown.

I'll be seeing the Storm v Broncos game from Melbourne kicking off in about an hour's time.

I'll be looking to see if I can spot Bourbon Rat or any of his gang on the coverage.

I've tipped Storm and Sharks today in our tipping comp.

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Half way through the round with 4 down and four to play.

So far all the winners are the ones I expected.

I didn't think the Broncos and Dragons would be nilled though.

The score in the Storm game would make you think it was a very one sided affair. Broncos though had plenty of chances and for various reasons didn't get on the scoreboard. Storm on the other hand took their chances well.

They looked so much more together with Cam Smith back at the tiller.

I thought there were times towards the end of the game when the Dragons players looked a bit embarrassed. They have some class players but their forwards didn't give a consistent platform and the Roosters were merciless in both scoring and pressurising the St George/Illawarra backs.

The Titans had worked hard to promote this game and spread the word in and around Darwin. The crowd was only just over 8.000.

It looked mighty hot out on the pitch. The second half belonged to the Pink Panthers with only Albert Kelly getting a second half trademark try for the Gold Coast team.

Is it me or do Sharks seem to play better without Paul Gallen? Maybe not but they did pull some great moves in this good win for them against a stuttering Tigers outfit.

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Yeah despite the shut outs both Broncos and Dragons were not as overwhelmed as the scorelines suggest. Storm-Broncos was actually a great game. I think both games show the fine margins of RL in that you can muscle up well and not get run over possession wise but the absence of that final unlocking pass or kick to turn around the defence will really cost you. And the confident teams get the breaks more than in most sports. That's just how it goes and fair play to Storm and Roosters for capitalising.


Rabbitohs-Warriors was fantastic, unsurprisingly the Rabbitohs just had that little extra surge and creativity. Truly relentless side but fair play to Warriors for running with them for 60 minutes.

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