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Auntie Linzi Morris

Warrington Make £344,000 Profit in 2012

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It's quite a profit considering we pay way above the salary cap and provide a generous pension to Super League's very own Dad's Army. Not to mention the costs of the stadium upgrade.

Let's not forget we employ every WAG in the club shop for £100k a year and we pay agents huge inducements to let us tap up their clients.

All I can say it's certainly not down to us having a multi-millionaire successful businessman helm who knows how to run a business well on the resources allowed. That's a ridiculous idea. If Dr Koulash toes that tactic he's bound to fail.

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I would expect the results next year to continue to be strong as a number of commercial contracts are expiring 10 years after the stadium opened and should be renegotiated favourably (i.e. stadium catering and sponsorship deals).

Interestingly (or not) - new catering deals have been announced in the last fortnight. Pretty major amounts of money as well, surprised me that the catering deal appears to be worth £1.2m per year alone, not including the Carlsberg deal which does not have a value mentioned.

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