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Bobbie Goulding Damming About Hornets via Twitter

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Former Hornets coach Bobbie Goulding has waded into the current state and form of Rochdale Hornets debate by stating. "The club had lost its identity." The late Ray Taylor "must be turning in his grave" via Bobbies twitter feed.

Don't shoot the messenger!

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I think that may have been a tweet that he sent me Phil, good to see that he keeps in -touch.


How is the RCC cricket shirt?


Mark Reynolds

Yes i spotted it last night, stunned he keeps abreast of Hornets TBH. The cricket shirt, yeah its fine, cheers. Keep your eye out on Day 4 of the Old Trafford Ashes Test, you could see me in stand A next to the pavillion, modelling it while we stuff the Aussies

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Yes looking forward to the Old Trafford test I'm going on day one. It will be interesting to see how the re-vamped Old Trafford deals with its first big event. You ve got a good spot there in Stand A.


I'll pin my colours to the Matt Calland mast also. I've worked under him at Mayfield and he is an excellent coach, extremely methodical, very passionate about Rochdale Rugby League, really popular with all the players especially the young ones, and will always have Rochdale Hornets in is heart.


You would also get someone with exceptional links with Hopwood Hall College and the amateur game within Rochdale.


Cant think of many reasons why you would not give Matt a shot at the job.


Oh……. There is one downside ……. Try stopping him playing LOL


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