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England's first World Cup game in Wales

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Want to know why we aren't taken seriously as a sport? Because we have far too many outraged fans who love to bleat 'No wonder we aren't taken seriously as a sport' for every tiny little thing that they don't completely agree with, when in reality the thing they are moaning about isn't even on a radar to anybody outside the game. Thats why we aren't taken seriously as a sport.


A couple of my mates were arguing over the cricket the other week. One disagreed with England playing an Ashse warm up game in Wales. The other, a staunch cricket fan, said that is is because the governing body is the 'England and Wales Cricket Board'. I'm not a cricket fan really, but that didn't register with me and I imagine the argument would in turn be lost on non-RL sports fans as well.

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The clown in question didn't see the £20-£40 tickets either then? Some people are pathetic.

Or chose not to see the £20-£40 tickets in order to justify his relentless negativity, which is equally likely.

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