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Greatest Pre-NRL team

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We have published a list of the greatest teams of Australian RL from 1910 to 1994.

Is it fair that the best Sharks team is only ranked 176th? That the best Rabbitohs are only 8th? The best Dragons are only 2nd?!

Have a look and see what you think.

Feedback and suggestions welcome!

At least Gold Coast Chargers made it into the top 800...

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What's meant by Average rating to sort out positions? By who  or how arrived at?

Each team has a rating (based on the Elo system) which changes every time they play. I simply averaged those individual ratings for each team each year. Any time a team is rated over 2000, it is pretty strong, so to maintain that sort of rating over an entire season gives some measure of their quality.

Only 10% of teams have maintained such a level in the period, and 2% have maintained over 2100.

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