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What's Benji Marshall worth?

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A year or two ago Benji Marshal being available would have caused a rush of RL clubs to have come running in for him with their cheque books ope and their pen caps off.

Now after a season of generally poor form he's given notice to jump- the Tigers' ship giving rise to a lot of questions about his future but hardly any answers. So speculation is rife.

Another NRL club? he's said he wouldn't play for another club against the Tigers. There again things change if the right offer were to be forthcoming surely he'd be at least tempted.

It doesn't seem that any other club is rushing to sign him or show their hand if they are.

R Union? Surely not for the sort of freedom he likes to play under.

Super League - only clubs with big money need even think about it, but what a draw it would be, and big publicity.


Often by the time an announcement like this is made there are options on the table for the player.

He and his agent and a club somewhere are either keeping a big move unusually secret or this big name player is taking a huge step in the dark.



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The game is bigger than any single player. The NRL has strength in depth.

Watching him this season has been a disappointment generally. He's a talented bloke whose interest and enthusiasm seems to have been blunted.

Maybe this is the new challenge he needed to rekindle his enthusiasm.

He's made his mark on the game. Some of his tries for Tigers shown recently have been magnificent.

It's no good him carrying on in the 2013 vein any longer.

A change should do him good.

As for the NRL it'll just turn up more great youngsters to fill his boots.

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What's Benji Worth?


Not as much as he was previously according to reports anticipating his move to Blues Super Rugby club based in Auckland.

It's reckoned he will be taking a significant pay cut.



The deal with the Blues is reportedly worth about $450,000 a season, a considerable pay cut on what he earned with the Tigers and related promotional deals in Sydney.

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Up until now BM had a lot of Tigers fans on his side given the service he'd given to them.

He seems to have given them a slap in the chops though now as he released a promotional video for his new NZ RU team Blues in their shirt while still contracted to Tigers. Foolish move.

There's plenty now calling for him to be dropped.

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