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re structuring questions

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As the RFL have now given green light to one of two options , could someone clarify a few points if they know the answers


Option 1 S/L and Championship both to be 12 clubs with P and R


1 How will the top 12 be decided , will it be the top 12 from S/L 2014 or will all teams have to apply for a licence giving possible hope to Toulouse,and the likes of Fev,fax,sheff and leigh and teams finishing 13th and 14th in S/L, of an automatic place

2 The following year im assuming that bottom of S/L will be relegated or will it be two spots 

3 Who will replace this team (S) - will it be the regular championship winners or G Final winners - or if two teams then both 

4 Will there be a minimum criteria to be met for promotion and what if its not ? would that result in no relegation that year or the next highest team getting the place and will that criteria be set out prior to the season commencing

5 Regarding Toulouse inclusion , do we assume that if they bring a substantial financial imput/media exposure ,into the game they will be given an elusive top 12 place and failure to do so will result in an offer of a championship place only

6 Repeat of question 1 in relation to the championship and plans for the lowest level (s)

7 Will there be any exemption of relegation for the likes of London,Catalans or any future "expansion" teams


Option 2 S/L and Championship both to be 12 clubs with a mid season split to 3X8


1 Again same question as Question 1 in option 1

2 After the mid season split , how will the S/L 12 be decided for the following year 

   A - top tier plus top 4 from tier 2 

   B - top tier plus 4 successful applicants from tier 2 with criteria again having to be met

3 Will this option end the play offs as we know them , surely what we have done is create an extended play off , and who is going to be crowned champions IE the main season winners or the split winners , or is there plans to maybe have a play off if there is two seperate winners to establish the current champions 


and a couple of questions for both options

1 Are there any more plans for discussion before the preferred option is announced

2 Do we know when that announcement is likely to be made 

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An addition to John's point.  This was a repeated thread, I'd already merged the first version into that thread John linked.

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