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Who does your club traditionally buy players from?

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It's not always about money though. See my earlier post, it's about chug agent has the ear of decision makers, and which scouts or other personnel have joined other clubs...

It could be that a disservice is done to clubs in this cosy arrangement. Did the same people that signed Aaron Murphy and Dale Ferguson also offload Danny Kirmond and Andy Raleigh?


In all truth i really don't know, but the two clubs clubs continue to deal ( the latest being Kyle Wood ) they are obviously happier about it than some fans.


I wish we could produce players like some other clubs do but we can't, we have little choice but to get them elsewhere and It's only since K Davy took hold that the club have been able to do it ,Hence the years in the wilderness before him. It must be great to produce young players in the numbers and quality that Wigan/Leeds do and some of them would probably be lost to the game if they didn't go to other clubs,

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