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Featherstone Rovers Heritage Project

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Hello everyone, I'm Melissa the new Heritage Officer. Some of you have met me already, and Joanne from the sewing shop suggested I post on here :)  Here is my flyer for the Heritage Project. Please email me if you would like my mobile number so we can have a chat.

Looking forward to speaking to you all soon! I will be at the dinner on Friday, also.




 Do you have any Featherstone Rovers Club memorabilia?

Were you or a relative working at a pit in the past?

Would you like to share storied from the past and are from the local area?

Come and Contribute or become a volunteer!

The project aims to bring the history and heritage of the club and the local community together for everyone to enjoy and use, including future generations.

·         We want to hear from YOU!

Contact us by calling the Community Department team via the club on 01977 702386, or email:
Twitter: @FevHeritageProj
Facebook Group:
Featherstone Rovers RLFC Heritage Project



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Hi Melissa,

We have met. Can't get to the dinner Will suport the organisation to the best of by ability and time. Was a miner. You know I suggested a brass band for Fev ( something you had in mind)it suddenly came to me that in the old days every cricket ground had an athletic track round it. It would be good if something of that sort came back. We were affiliated to the AAA and everybody had a grading start wise. Something to think about see you. Col

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