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Larry the Leit

Minor celebrities with no discernible talent

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That Andy Jacobs on TalkSport pronounced Limavady as Oomavady last week.


I started shouting at the wireless. :angry:  :angry:


Jeez - how do you get to be a 60 year old sports journalist and know so little ?

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 A Met Office-trained weather presenter, in fact but an ex nude model. Are you sure?


Know the course she did, know 2 of the people who taught it when she did it and know their comments on her 'abilities'. She volunteered the modelling info to one of the instructors so have no reason to doubt it.

She's just a script reader with as much meteorological knowledge as anybody that did O level geography. She'd think a Buchan Period was a time of the month in Scotland or an over-running trough meant she left the tap on !


As for 'Monica' Lukha who briefly did the ITV London weekend TV forecasts, least said the better & don't ask how she got the job !

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