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My other teams Ezine

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That's very impressive Ron. Excellent Web Site and very good quality video on YouTube. The whole thing seems to me to have been very well put together.

When will Coventry Bears join the Championship and what are the gates like.

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Thanks for that.

The application was supposed to be being discussed at a meeting yesterday. We have been advised throughout the process so that the final draft was in accordance with the criteria.

We have a regular attendance of about 150. This is our core number and is comparable to Hemels. We of course are only playing NCL 3.

We have a strategy to advertise and push that number up when we can promote ourselves as a Championship side rather than a fairly low level amateur team.

It is our understanding that if we are to be accepted it would probably be for 2015. That very much suits our business plan.

It's always been my dream that my home town team would one day play the team that I helped start.

The dream of course is based on Superleague and not Championship(That's pretty much a nightmare!)

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Good luck with your plans Ron! As a Swinton fan I'm sorry to say that it is possible that after tomorrow that there might not be a Swinton club to play you in 2015 and beyond! Especially as 2016 marks the 150th anniversary of the formation of the club!

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