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Just to clarify a few issues raised in this thread, for the avoidance of any doubt.

1. You can say what you like on here, about whatever or whoever you like, so long as your comments abide by the general Terms & Conditions of Use. Click here to read them.

2. These T&Cs are not new nor are they unreasonable. They exist to try and ensure that everyone can have their say without the risk of being subjected to personal abuse, offensive language or the threat of a libel action. Most if not all internet forums will have a set of similar rules in place.

3. As ckn has already explained in a previous post, the general site admins rarely get involved in moderating club forums on here. We only do that if a forum member reports a post to us as being in breach of the T&Cs.

4. Use of the term '####' in any context is not acceptable.

5. It's pointless suggesting a boycott of 'John Drake's magazine' if you don't like the T&Cs on here or the way I apply them. I haven't been editor of Rugby League World for the past two issues, having handed the reins over to Gareth Walker in May. If you don't know that already, I'm guessing you don't read the mag anyway. You should though, Gareth's doing a fine job with it, and is also a huge supporter of Championship Rugby League and an expert on the subject.

6. Not that it is particularly relevant, but I'm not a Leeds fan. I'm a Rugby League fan. From Bradford. Go figure.

Hope that helps clear up any misunderstandings or remaining suspicions as to my role on here, and why certain threads or posts get locked or deleted. It's nothing to do with censorship and everything to do with expecting people to abide by the rules they signed up to when joining the forum. If you don't like our rules or the way they are applied, well, that's tough, but the internet is a big place and I'm sure there are other places you can find that will accomodate you if you want to post sweary comments or other offensive material, but not on here thanks.

thanks for clearing that up

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