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Vasile Andreica

Super League should get a Eurosport contract

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Romania is a rugby union nation, never heard of rugby league being played over here. But I am sure the audience would be at least intrigued to see a live game at the ground... if only for being able to actually see the ball from the stands most of the time.


TV coverage is paramount. In the last years American football began to gain ground and the first Romanian bowl was played, and Eurosport's coverage of NCAA football sure helped, as the NFL is captive on a dying sports channel. Also, with Eurosport showing the T20 World Cup and Champions League, cricket became more familiar and kids start to play it here and there.


Georgia is a union nation too, but their skills and fierce style of playing would translate well to the increased physicality of league.

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georgia actually played league for a few years before infighting and some persuasion turned them on mass to union, this is typical in many places. though im getting off topic

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