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Daryn Hanright

Tangi Ropati - nice things to say about Fev

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In a Rugby League mag published bi-monthly in NZ, got an article about Tangi Ropati. Talks about the injury and the aftermath.


Looks like he really appreciates the help his teammates & club/supporters gave him!




"...It was tough, it took three months for me to recover from it, I was eating soup for eight weeks. I was pretty happy when I could eat my solids again.


I broke my jaw in three places, in the chin area and the side of the jaw, I still have three plates in there, they are there for life...."





"...On match payments with the club, Tangi was unable to earn any money while out injured as his Visa stated his only employment could be through the club.


Thankfully the loyal Featherstone fans rallied together for their man, organising fundraising events to help carry him through financially.


Team mates of Tangi's also donated part of their winning bonuses from the match against Castleford in a gesture of goodwill..."




Looks like he's living in Auckland now. He's got a semi pro contract with the Auckland Vulcans playing  in the New South Wales Cup (only semi pro option in NZ - playing in an Aussie Comp). He supplements his income with a "...9-5 at kitchen fitting business...".

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nice bloke, and good luck to him and his family in the future. he is remembered fondly at fev

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