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Suprt League ref for Sunday

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Not forgetting there'll have also been many refereeing decisions which have gone in our favour this season - ones that we probably haven't even noticed. The phrase 'swings and roundabouts' might be an overused cliche, but in a sporting context it's eminently applicable. Remember the Hunslet away game this season?


The Hunslet away game in the league?


The one where RIchard Moore passed the ball backwards whilst being tackled by Smith, it hit Baz on the head, shot forward and Haughey, who was in an offside position picked it up and scored? 


The same game where Johnson broke in the middle of the field and was clear only to be brought back for obstruction, but on the replay the defender who was "obstructed" simply ran in to Campbell who never moved, and in any case he was about 10 yards away from Johnson when you saw it on the view from behind the posts, so regardless he wouldn't have got near? 


But fair play in the Hunslet game at home, we didn't really deserve to win that one, but we definitely got the rub of the green from ref that night.

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Just for the record do you not remember the huddersfield game afew seasons ago when dane manning was sent off for a highshot hicks was only go to give a warning untill someone had a word in his ear. Guess what he was sent off because it looked like we were going to win . Conspiracy ??, here is another one played catalans in 5th round what do you know yet again penilised out the game . Or even further back played psg in challenge cup stevie walker sent off for high shot 10 match ban ????? Psg man with high shot report 1 match ban . Read in to it what u want but ive given you three diffrent ocasions of how super league clubs seem to get the desions when a upset is on the cards.

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