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Sevens event held in Kansai in Japan

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Hello all. This is my first post I am not sure how it works. However recently there was a 7 a side event held in Japan with 6 teams participating. 5 teams were Japanese and the 6th team was a mixture. It is hoped that this becomes an annual event. 


Some great photos of the events



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So it looks like most of these guys were new to the game. Hopefully they enjoyed it.


I'm always intrigued by the JRL's 'National Cup' which appears to consist of just 2 teams, one of whom appears to win every match. Odd set up.

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Many teams enjoyed the day, the hope is that it becomes an annual event.


I am trying to help grow the game here the main issues with Japan in my opinion are:


1: People don`t know what rugby league is

2: Rugby union has had a 50% decline in participation numbers in the last 30 years

3: Hard to find suitable grounds (many grounds in Japan are gravel, sand ect)

4: Lack of funds - things cost money

5: People in Japan work long hours and sometimes 6-7 days a week 

6: many people in Japan are unlikely to try new sports once they are adults

7: rugby union teams practice year round in Japan (this is slowly changing), so no time for other sports.


Thats why I think sevens event is a good way forward. People can try the game, union teams can play, pub teams and expat teams can find 7 players.

There is little to no English information hence why I posted this.

If anyone is keen to play rugby league in Japan please message me. 

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Hey Mate

I live in Kansai and I know very little about what happens in Tokyo so I don`t know anything to comment.

I contacted the JRL about getting something happening in Kansai and this was the result. The JRL did most of the work and it was highly successful and will hopefully lead into bigger things.

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