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Adrian Morley is -----------------------------

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----------------- way out of order!

He said on Super League Supermen last night that " ----- Swinton are Warrington's feeder club." B******s!

Aren't feeder clubs there to nurture youngsters for higher and better things? Where've we done that?

Morley, Briers, McCarthy, and Wood are hardly in that bracket!

The best prospect we've seen is (in my opinion) Dwyer, but he'd got a fair few SL appearances on his CV before he pulled on a Swinton shirt.

We've prob used the DR system more than most, but a feeder club we are not, and Pinks-bound Wire is 101% wrong to say so!


SWINTON TILL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Spelly , We had the same with Brian McDerrmott standing up in front of Hunslet fans at a do , where he said that Hunslet would be their 2nd team in 5 years time , the trouble thats caused between fans , very disrespectful..............

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