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Who should replace London Broncos in Superleague 2014 ?

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History shows if you don't win matches your paying fan base reduces. Mr. Sadler states relegation will likely mean financial disaster for clubs who go down and so money has to be spent on players??


Gary Hetherington of course runs an excellent ship, but he was at Eagles for many years so why did they never attract 10,000 gates and produce professionals like Leeds do??


The salary cap and relatively low costs are true, but the other side of that coin is relatively low crowds.


It's easy to see how the SL clubs run their businesses, they chase the best stadium they can, they market as best they can, they run academies - the standards in the licensing system push this, but if the crowds don't come then there's a shortfall.


Decent businessmen leading clubs have one after another stood up and said they are doing what they can but they are short of £400K, £500K or whatever and that they lack customers.


In the real world they would just close down. In not closing down they can face decline and administration that would not happen in the real world. But Footy clubs are different. There's a massive public demand for them to survive, but not that massive a public demand to go pay through the turnstiles.

Interesting listening to Eorl Crabtree the other day talking about his time at the Giants. He said it used to be a shambles, but year on year for the last 7-8 years it has got more and more professional. He said it used to be a terrible place to be. That's what running a club properly is about, year on year growth, not boom & bust on a budget. Far too often, owners of clubs without the finance want to move too far forward too fast, rather than build a solid basis to move forward in a sustainable way.

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More reading of the runes through Tommy Lee


London Broncos letting the contracted Tommy Lee go to join Marvellous Marwan's Red Revolution leaves two points unanswered.


If you have a contracted player and another club wants him surely you get a transfer fee. yet Tommy "for personal reasons" has been released from his contract for nothing to join the Red Devils.


Equally if you were buliding a squad to compete in Super League next year then you would move "heaven and earth" a mutch overused phrase in RL circles, to keep him at the club, Particularily as he was the club's Player of the Year (POTY).


Good luck to Tommy BTW.


However to let your POTY go for nothing is significant is it not.


Try to think about the above logically and it does point to a club shuffling towards the exit. 


IMO  there is a 75% chance London Broncos will pull the plug next week which wil be the most opportune time to go. :(

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