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Saint Billinge

The game of Aunt Sally and other traditional sports and events!

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The traditional game of Aunt Sally is played in pubs around the Midlands, and it seems once at fairgrounds. We are a nation full of weird and unusual events/games: cheese rolling, well dressing etc. What goes on around your neck of the woods?


Although declined somewhat in St Helens and once attracting huge turnouts, Billinge still holds its annual Walking Day Parade. Wigan folk undertake an annual trek up Winter Hill on Good Friday. I went some years back, where there was a fair to be enjoyed for those who made it.

I first encountered people Aunt Sally in Oxford, while they were next to us during our rugby league training.


There was understandable curiosity to see a sport that was either thought to have died off or just to a quiant localised past time.......

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