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Fans of the future.. Increasing support!

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Yeh but how will she now about what's going on at club if does not attend games etc ??? Surely we've gotta av someone who's loyal and now's a lot about the club and goes to games for example like myself I've been watching them 25 years.



I attend games and I've absolutely no idea what's going on at the club, that's the whole point!


All I'm saying is that there is a need for someone to do this job and, as soon as someone comes forward, others are saying they aren't suitable. If you want to do it then put your name forward, but not on this forum, get in touch with the club. As was said at the Presentation Evening (I presume everyone on here went) the club is desperate for more volunteers to do a host of jobs - just put your hand up and you will be welcomed.



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I see that Huddersfield Giants have just released their season ticket offer for next season. One interesting new innovation is that of reduced price ST's for under 23's. No doubt this is aimed at the student market but is an interesting way of encouraging the relatively young rather than the very young.

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