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 Gav Wilson

Knights v Batley

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I was sat in the stand and on two occasions in the 2nd half the touch judge signalled to the ref. but was ignored. Surely, in that case, the touch judge should run on with his flag raised. Once was for a Batley knock on and the other was when a Knight's player reefed the ball out. The referee just played on oblivious to both the offences and to the touch judge's signals. He gave me the impression he was wondering what was for tea, he certainly didn't seem to be watching the same game as everyone else.

I saw that, too. On the second occasion I am fairly sure the touch judge gestured as if to say "why are you ignoring me?"

Anyway, at least it wasn't humdrum end-of-season affair...!


The Pickets incident was not caught on video, so don't know what that means when it comes to disciplinary. It seems the 4th official saw it. I personally saw the pair briefly square up to each other, but I then followed the action. When I looked back, Campbell was bloodied and somewhat dazed. No-one from Batley reacted other than to gesture towards Pickets, who was standing his ground, not dissimilar to Mike Tyson.


As I understand it, Sam Scott said something out of turn, but then Stokes reffed out of turn. The knock-on he waved play-on for was quite something.

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Apparently, according to our players, on three occasions in the second half the assistants signalled knock-ons and were overuled. His incompetence is only topped by his arrogance.

Lets face it, its nothing out of the ordinary. Every season every club has to put up with some dreadful officiating on occasion !

he does every time he refs York though Andy , the worst t hing was him laughing at the fans in the POP stand in the 2nd half after another poor decision

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