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Club Wembley - Ring of indifference - What is the deal?

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Those of the debenture holders. I'm presumimg that companies by blocks of seats for corporate entertaining. I'd be surprised if seats were purchased by individuals

It's a mixture if both. It think companies that buy them will be in blocks of 8-12 tops as if I remember rightly that is how big the tables get in Bobby Moore suite.

If you can manage to get an appointment with these senior execs I think your time would be better spent trying to get sponsorship from them rather than getting them to show up to an event they already have free tickets for. Focussing on how you want them to come so it looks better on TV would, in my opinion, harm your chances of enticing sponsorship.

Also there are quite a lot of privately held debentures, I think they're £20-50k for a 10 year debenture which is well within spending power of a decent number of high earners in the city so they won't all be corp.

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its an interesting one this.

surely the RFL should be getting at least say £20 per ticket per year. These tickets cost up to £5k per year for around 10 events so even taking only 0.4% of this would see the RFL getting around £350k per year - i wonder if this is linked to how many actually turn up - that would make Lobbys suggestion worthwhile.

Agree it would, Dave but it never wil be worthwhile because, marvelous as it might be for us, it's pretty unrealistic, to be fair.


You can't really expect a sufficient number of those people, who let's face it, largely bought seats for international soccer matches, to turn up for a rugby match they [mostly] won't have much interest in. At the end of the day, if they can afford to pay a ten-year debenture they are not going to be easily, or cheaply, influenced, imo. Incidentally, I'd guess that as the seat is paid for whether they turn up or not it shouldn't make any difference to what the RFL receives, though who really knows.

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