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Well this is Garys own take on the reasons why.


In the end we had a far more successful season than last year.  Whatever the pros and cons of dual registration its done and dusted. 

I never cease to be amazed by the fickle nature of our fans and the constant theme throughout the game of concentrating on the negative.  

I know you think we were sold down the river Dave and I respect that opinion....but when I occasionally venture on to face book and see so many strong views from fans who cant even be bothered going to games I really do wonder.


When you see some of the folk staggering up those steps to cheer on the Lions I find perspective on the real dilemmas a person could face and moral outrage at the borrowing of  a few players really does pale into insignificance.

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Steve Mc started the season with 3 losses inc one by York. Watto and Marlon held a 2 from 4 record with wins against Keighly and the Dons and 2 bp's against Fax and Rams so yes, their record was good but a damn site better than their predecessor!

Not sure it was GC realising our use of the DR though, rather more that our own squad wasnt good enough across the board. Remember we started with Watkins, Birkett, Reay, Clarke, Holland, Ballard etc non of whom finished the season for one reason or another!

Any way you look at it, GC did turn it around (with the help of the players of course) and I am looking forward to the improvements to continue next season with some quality signings and good news about the new Statio Road!!!!!!!!!!

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After 12 games we had 16 points and sat in eighth place in the league. (4 wins)

After 26 games we had 34 points and ended tenth, 5 point behind a play off place. (9 wins)

Pretty even halves to the season.

Given we got 14 points from the last 6 games then we managed 4 points in those middles 8 games. That was where the complaints came from and were I believe justified based on performance. The fixture list has a part to play ( they were a difficult run of fixtures).

Overall, I don't think we got over the poor start to the season 2 straight defeats to workington and York and never got a run together due to the fixtures.

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