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Princess Diana movie

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Out of curiosity, I decided to look to see if that was a genuine review on the Express website.  Headline article on the website was about Diana's "murder".  The Express review after I found it (did you know that the Express published 23 stories about Diana in the last week alone?) was the politest trashing of a film I've ever read, I think they may have been trying to avoid upsetting Diana's ghost my inference

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For all its shyteness, the film does seem rather accurate in some parts:-

Instead of wooing us with a sympathetic portrait of a wronged woman who is seductive, funny and charming, as well as eccentric and her own worst enemy (ie complex and intriguing) we get a Diana who is hard to warm to and simply rather dull.

Cocooned in Kensington Palace after the failure of her marriage to Prince Charles (early scenes depicting her isolation are the most effective), she comes across as a sad and pretty desperate figure who’ll latch on to any available man to relieve her boredom and loneliness. not far off the money.

Although this (below) is clearly nonsense.

Fayed is, frankly, the most sympathetic character here, a seemingly well intentioned man whose hospitality and emotions are abused by a Princess desperate to make her ex-boyfriend jealous

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